About AG Freight

With nearly two decades of experience in logistics and customer satisfaction, AG Freight has become recognized as a family-owned, assets-based company that’s more than capable of handling your logistics, freight and transportation needs within the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Our family-oriented and customer-centric company is made up of a team that takes the requests of all clients to heart. And when a partnership is formed with us, rest assured that your needs will be identified, satisfied and surpassed quickly and within your budget.

Our Foundation

AG Freight was founded in the beautiful city of Monterrey, Mexico by Gabriela and Gerardo Alanis, who both shared a vision then, that they instill in all team members now, of delivering logistics services that reach beyond simple customer satisfaction.

Each member of our company’s staff still practices the philosophy of extending our efforts past a project’s completion to ensure that a client will always come back to us and that we’ll always be their first and only choice to handle their needs.

Each team member that works with us is a part of our family, and you will always be treated the same, no matter the size or scope of your concern. Our customers contribute to our success and growth; two things that we hold dear. In return, we will always do the best we can to ensure that you’re happy with what we’ve done for you and the partnership you have with us.